White Wolf

September 26, 2011
By whitewolf96 BRONZE, Yukon, Oklahoma
whitewolf96 BRONZE, Yukon, Oklahoma
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In my country home one autumn night I woke up suddenly and sat
upright. I had heard a strange sound. I heard it again and shook with
fright. I realized it was the sound of a wolf wandering around. I woke up
my wife and said, “Go get the kids and hide.” I gave her a gun and told her
to wait. I grabbed the shotgun and walked outside.

Once outside I heard him howl. He was near and on the prowl. I whispered,”
I know you're near.” I heard a stick snap and turned around. Then I saw him
crouched near the ground. His blue eyes and white fur glowed in the light.
It was an incredible sight. I raised my gun and reached for the trigger.
Then suddenly I heard him whimper. I looked again and saw he was bleeding.
I realized that he was hurt. I dropped my gun and walked over to him. I
stopped the bleeding with my shirt. I started walking home and he followed
me quietly. He followed me home and stayed with us. My kids love him and he
plays with them without a fuss. He is a part of our family now and we all
enjoy his company. However,when I woke up that autumn night I didn’t think
this was how it would end. The meeting of the white wolf and me. Ended with
us as friends.

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