A Fake Forever

September 16, 2011

Dripping in dime store jewelry
And junk.
Not to mention, you're a junky yourself.
You're as cheap as your style
With an attitude to match.
bright colored lipstick
And nails as well.
Your only vocabulary
Consists of;
'Like' and 'Whatever'
You've got a body of a supermodel
Your voice is like honey
Drippy, sticky, all over annoying.
Don't understand what your boyfriend likes
About your s***** entourage,
Your whining all day,
And your selfish ways.
You parade around
In your mini-skirts and fluff
Tossing your beach blonde hair
You think you're everything
You think you're adored.
I know, you started out fine
Even your grades were good.
What happened?
Who are you now?
I don't know this 'you've become'
Not that I ever liked you before.
But as least I could put up with you...
Yet, even till now I've treated yoy humanly.
Since that moment you walked in
So, why do you treat me
Like I barely excist?
As if my feeling weren't really there?
Or like I was nothing, invisable?

The author's comments:
I don't mean to sound stereo-typy with this poem...but in the end that's how I think it kind of turned out :/

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