Never Forget

September 13, 2011
By Molly1996 BRONZE, Hamilton, Other
Molly1996 BRONZE, Hamilton, Other
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Time may change me, but i can't change time

I didn't forget what you said
The day you said your final goodbye
Bag on your shoulder, head held high
You walked down the garden path
Kicking up some stones
Ma said you were going to fight
For our freedom, our rights
But last night you told me you had
Different plans
That you were going to the city
To marry your girl
The one you had been chasing after since I was a little girl
She loved you and you loved her
But I didn't understand why you wouldn't even tell your own mother
A few months down the track she thought you were dead
She didn't clean out your room she just left the door closed.
At night when she was asleep I would creep in to your room and look out your window into the garden you helped me grow
Now I'm 23 and that was 8 years ago
I have a family of my own and I live in the city you told me of all those years ago
I've asked around but no one has heard of you since the women you loved left you
I had given up hope until the other day
I saw a man that reminded me of you hanging under a bridge in the cold rain
I cried all night and every minute of the next day
Why my brother? Why didn't you just come home to your mother? We loved you with all our hearts and now we will remember you with all of our souls to.
You were my hero, my knight in shining armour
But since the day that I found you
My soul is ice, my heart is numb and my husband has left me
I had a son and because you died so young, I named him after you
I hope he will grow up to be at least half the man that you were.
As I watch him playing on the floor with his little sister
I know that they will grow up to be just like us
And that is why I can hold my head high when people ask me about you
Because no matter what I will all ways have a part of you in my heart

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