September 13, 2011
By Anonymous

I don’t mean to bring the negative into life
Or break the silence between you
I just want you to grow up and realize
That this is just something I have to do

Play this backwards, forward over
I don’t care what that ensues
Throw a fit and cry me a river
But please, don’t make this about you

One day I will not be broken
I refuse to take this on my knees
I refuse to be a prisoner
Of this captivating disease

I’m not mad because you f***ed me
I’m not pissed about the past
Try to act your age and realize
That I’m disappearing fast

I know you see it in my eyes
Hear that echo in my voice?
I’d keep all my secrets, secret
If I thought I had the choice

I just want to be that person
With excitement in my stride
At this rate I will be eaten
By the sorrow that’s inside

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