Heros Fall

September 13, 2011
By superseni0r BRONZE, Warrington, Pennsylvania
superseni0r BRONZE, Warrington, Pennsylvania
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F*** you and your super hero comic book
Every promise made to me was broken
I’m not interested in how long it took
For you to feel like some sort of token
You’ll never be number one
Cause I know that everyone uses everyone

You think that endless wealth is power
But I can change the world with my words
At least I’m not some innocent coward
And I don’t care what tone you prefer
It doesn’t matter what you think about the topic
It’s f***ing important
And I’m not gonna drop it

Stop telling me to be who I want to be
I’m never gonna be a man with a mask
I’m pathetic and that’s how I like it
I’m not the one avoiding the past
I’m happy to be a failure with nothing to lose
As long as I’m me, and not a sell-out like you
You tell me I’m wrong
Don’t give me that s***
You’re just uneasy
Cause you know I wont quit

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