You Changed For Lies Best.

September 12, 2011
By Mrs.MamaEnglish DIAMOND, None, South Dakota
Mrs.MamaEnglish DIAMOND, None, South Dakota
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Even miracles take a little time.

E have given you all of me.
Everything i am,
And everything i live for.
I risked my life everyday,
To keep you safe.
I helped you when you needed me.
I was there for you,
And you don't even care.
You put no thought to it.
Not even a second guess.
Youve thought me out to be the bad guy.
I should have listened to the others.
They told me you would change.
They told me i was crazy to believe.
But i didn't listen, No surprise.
I put all my faith in you.
To not care what others thought,
But i was clearly wrong,
You say you've changed for the best.
But all i see,
Is a poor, Lost girl,
Trying to find her way,
Living a lie.

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