Firefighter Dad

September 12, 2011
By Anonymous

as the light shines in
darkness fades away
the hurting man seeks no more pain for he is in his true place
loved for right instead of wrong
soaring height above the sky
today he was born
instead of no hopes he has faith
he now lives in peace;
looks like he got his wish
but his mother sits and weeps
for he was a live or die kinda guy
but she is sad because she knows where his soul is
at least he died for doing what he loved
he made his way to those pearly gates with confidence
he went for a war and one; but his body did not
little girl by destiny was to die
he roared in with a fight
ready to Winn with only a single light
the house ready to explode
he knew he only had a few more mins
so he rushed to pick her up
then he took off like a wild horse
the house bursted out and into flames
he through the little girl over to the ground
he didn't make it through the fight that night
but he saved a little girl;
his little girl from suffering
now she only remembers that day
and in her life she will never forget her daddy
she was rushed to the hospital that night
third degree burns swept over her fragile body
the doctors can not operate
she prays to God asking him to get sent home with her daddy
that night her wishes got granted
she is now home with her father
and feels no more hate or pain
for she is wrapped in her dads arms

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