September 12, 2011
By Anonymous

you make me feel like a freak
every time i say
"maybe it wouldn't hurt you to pitch in a little around here" you say
like you think you're an angel straight from kingdom come
i'm your faithful slave
you whip me with your feathers
i get you water
i pick up your room
i wash.fold.hang your laundry.
let you watch what you want(you say you give me a choice but every time i suggest something else you whine like an abused puppy)
you give me the crap jobs
&& don't give me credit
you snap at me when i stand up for myself
tell me i should do more
that i'm not worth anything if i don't
you go play favorites with mommy and daddy!
take the wind out of me when you know i can't speak!
you demand answers
when all i need is time to think and feel
you assume you know what's best for me.. you don't even know me
i'd tell you so many things, if only i knew what i was trying to say
instead... i write this
these words are my tools
this pencil is my sword
i create a mirror of darkness, feathers, & glass so you can see what you've become
one last thing before i leave you
sister dear, i still love you
i just wish you'd love me as well.

The author's comments:
The incorrect grammar/spelling is intentional. I don't normally write like this, but it felt right for this piece.

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