A Thought

September 12, 2011
By Anonymous

I remember. Every day, living those moments. Those hours. Those seconds...
Our fingers, our hands, slowly, fireworks. A rush of adrenaline pumping, pumping, my veins are running.
Then our lips. His rough kiss grazes me in a single, frozen dream.
The moon glistens on the lapping waves.
I see his blue eyes pierce through the dark and into my heart.
Then, that moment, I am his.
In my thoughts, I curl my fingers slowly round his ringlets. His arms shielding me, he is my escape.
The fading memory of his smile warms my frozen bones for lonely minutes.
A photograph renders me speechless, motionless, and exquisitely passionate.
Then I am here. Now. The minutes drag like days, I dream of running from these feelings.
The moon now cries for me. Oh but infinity is not forever.
I stare out at sea, for miles, and miles. Hours and weeks. Imagine I see him, my beacon of hope.
Then sometimes I know I am lost. Returning is my only option; returning will be my death.
Why when I see love decimated before my eyes, does it make me want it more?
A million wishes on an eyelash.
Those are the thoughts which lift me from the outskirts of a life, moving too fast for me.
An island strands me, shrinking. My head is screaming, ripping me apart. I must find him.
A crow sways over head, its bittersweet cry. A free journey; the destination of an embrace.
France. Germany. America.
Je t’aime.
I love him, I love him, I love him.

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