sweet brother of mine...

September 13, 2011
I see my brother, so annoying and mean.
I smell his dirty, muddy clothes, they're everything but clean.
They're covered in mud, they are covered in dirt, all the way from his shoes, to the neck of his shirt.
He likes to sing the most annoying songs he could think of, sometimes i want to open the car door and give him a big shove.
I see the goofy faces he's making at me, sticking out his tongue, wincing his eyes, smiling with glee.
I taste the nasty food they are making me eat, i don't think tacos are supposed to be sweet.
I'm sitting there gagging wondering what shadd put in my lunch, so i turn to shadd and give him a great big punch.
my mom got mad, said i went too far
I finally gave up and said wake me up when i am OUT OF THIS CAR.

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