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Adrenaline Storm

September 28, 2011
By KylaG BRONZE, Meredith, New Hampshire
KylaG BRONZE, Meredith, New Hampshire
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The dark, looming clouds
roll in threateningly,
the trees are stripped bare of their
coating of lush, emerald leaves.

The air stiffens, transforming into an
eerie, defying silence.
The mice within the shed cease movement,
as if the moisture within the air signals tranquility.

Water droplets descend from the atmosphere,
obstructing my already unsteady vision.
Sodden, my cry of surprise is masqueraded by
the deafening roar of the downpour.

A bomb detonates overhead,
millions of vivid, white lights flicker on,
illuminating the night sky,
magnifying the dull, lifeless moon above.

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