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September 28, 2011
By ace1897 SILVER, Pellston, Michigan
ace1897 SILVER, Pellston, Michigan
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"boys are blue, girls are pink... we do not make purple :)"

I am from old dirt roads
and deep, cold rivers

I am from big fords,
and "Chevy is better"

I am from bows and arrows
and old tree stands and
new duck blinds

I am from apple wars
and getting lost in the woods

I am from fishing and hunting
and scraped knees and broken hearts

I am from best friends and
unspoken truths and
lies that were told

I am from camping
and Friday night football games
and nascar races at M.I.S.

I am from Sturgeon Bay
and soda's on the beach

I am from Colt Ford and
Jason Aldean and Kid Rock

I am from my 1st time mudding and
my 1st big fight with my parents

I am from reading books
and blowing off homework

I am from great memories
and alot of stitches

I am from rolled over ATVs
when the hill really WAS to steep

I am from angry driving
and everything outdoors

I am form a deer dropping straight down
and the big one that got away

I am from the past
and the future and
"what will tomorrow bring"

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