September 28, 2011
By AshleySteve GOLD, Kolkata, Other
AshleySteve GOLD, Kolkata, Other
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The mirror of life fogging in, with blood
dripping from my shin, tore apart
by the shattered mirror and broken glass
wish someone had seen it.
Shaken up by the truth, as I see the figure approach
"Go away!" you shouted, detested and boisterous.
Smothered and deranged, your words pierced my heart
with moist eyes I look up, as I see you dart
"You never meant me", I spoke with silent tears
"You're all game", you gruffed, "You never cared."
You said, "You're coward" ,
I said, "You're heartless!"
You said, "I don't need you"
so I said, "I'm speechless!"
As I see you walk away fast
The girl inside me crying so hard
The mirror of life gets fogged up atlast
Alas! When you said, "I don't believe
in fake love and lust."
My heart tearing in two halves
like the blood-stained shattered
mirror and glass.
As I see you fade away
I ask myself
"Is it you, or just an illusion? "

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