The Question of Why

September 27, 2011
By KateLauria GOLD, Merrimac, Massachusetts
KateLauria GOLD, Merrimac, Massachusetts
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Why are the trees green ad the sky blue?
You say that freedom and liberty rings true:

Then Why do we see a man-skin black as coal
And automatically view him as a tortured soul?

History has tried to was the color off skin
And try to disregard the fact that it’s what we were born in.

Why are we sighing, complaining, and mad?
When thousands are fighting overseas, and a little girl just lost her dad?

Why are some kids plagued with ignorance and choose
To make fun of a disabled girl? Well, walk in her shoes.

Why is living in harmony still an unachieved dream?
Why can’t we hear others, no matter how loud they scream?

Why is there that one kid who drinks and drives??Why are we wasting our precious, young lives?

“Why?” is a question, but what are the answers??Terrifying; like chasing a nightmare composed of a million cancers.

We ponder these behaviors and question these things.
Curious about the way a devil laughs and an angel sings.

You’re braced for my answer, but please do not cry
Because to all of these questions, I do not know Why.

The author's comments:
Unanswered questions, perhaps ones without answers.

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