LGBTQ Awareness

September 15, 2011
By followyourbliss BRONZE, Williamstown, Massachusetts
followyourbliss BRONZE, Williamstown, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"Follow your bliss and destroy the beauty" - Buddy Nielsen

Here's to all those
Boys who like boys,
And to the girls who like girls,
And to the girl who cut her hair,
But still didn't feel right.
And to the boy who wears
His sister's lipstick late at night.

Everyone hides behind their fears.
Society makes them run away in tears.
Nobody wants to be "the f****t"
We've grown up to say it's not okay to be gay.
But the truth,
Is that being
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning
Is NOT what defines who you are.
Who you choose to love,
Is what you decide.
Your personality could never be based
On your sexual preference.
Don't give me that God bull-crap,
I'm Catholic and I'm gay.
God hasn't stricken me with lightning yet.
So all you bible-freaks,
Call us abominations.
But then you're going to have to
Stone your own children for misbehaving. . .
Have fun with that.
How about your 'unnatural' excuse?
That one's a classic.
But no one talks about the love,
Just the action.
Okay, so now I can be gay
But I can’t have children.
If I adopt, my kid will be gay
And then the population will go straight away,
So your theory says.
But I've done all my research.
Tell me, have you?
Gay youth are raised by you conservatives too.
The thing about kids from gay parents
Is that they grow up liberally.
They accept people for who they are,
But that's too scary for you.
So when your child grows up
And gets thrown in jail
For a hate crime
Towards a boy who did nothing
But hold hands with his boyfriend,
You tell me who the messed up one is.
So, please tell me I'm wrong now.
I dare you.

The author's comments:
I like girls, I don't like homophobes. I have a strong opinion about this, if you can't tell. I read this poem to a room of elderly people at a church and because of my poem, our GSA got a large grant to keep it going.

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