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September 29, 2011
By Jashai Kennedy BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
Jashai Kennedy BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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Jashai Kennedy
September 29, 2011

I am…….
English 6th hour

I was born in Detroit on the east side
I am 16 years old my birthday is October, 17
I am in the 12th grade
I will graduate in 2012
I have my own car
I am going to prom this year
I like doing hair
I like doing nails
I am a very nice person
I am a funny person
I laugh at everything
I have long hair
I wear a size 8 shoe
I like talking on the phone
I am short
I live with my mother
I am a happy person
I want to go to college
I am going to Eastern Michigan
I am going to be a lawyer
When I go to college I am majoring in Criminal Law
I have 2 sisters
My mom is great and gives me anything I want
My mother works to take care of me
I am getting when I am 25

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