Letter From a Victim

September 29, 2011
By Anonymous

It took me weeks to finally word this
Not because I didn’t know what to write or say
But thinking back on the past
It was saddening to remember it
But what I write here is true.
What I write here is my story of him.

My heart was always pounding when I saw him
Thought I’d faint when we had to partner up at a GSA meeting
The way his green eyes sparkled as I looked into them
the way his voice made me feel safe inside
But he knew what it was like for me
since he was the same way.

It was a couple of weeks before we were together.
We were taking the time to be acquainted.
We shared many things
Down to the same band…
same idol…
the Same story to tell.

It was heartbreaking for me when I found out
I wish this tragedy never happened
My all dreams with him…
Never going to happen

Death isn’t easy to deal with
Especially if he thought, he had to
I miss those days at the meetings…
the times we walked hand in hand down the hall…
the sound of his voice when he said he loved me
Just Those several months we were together.

We are harassed for whom we are
Tortured for whom we love
Yet we are people like you
with feelings and emotions…
a voice that wants to be heard.

We’re not freak…
we’re as human as you…
So why should it matter?
Stop treating us like crap or as if we’re nothing
because how you treat us…
this truly is not fair.



The author's comments:
My best friend

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on Oct. 3 2011 at 4:49 pm
DAN_CER_554 SILVER, Myrtle, Missouri
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this is really good. I know what its like to be an outcast and i've know alot of struggle. this really touched me. keep up the good work. :)

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