Winter to Spring

September 28, 2011
I notice the pain has gone away,

And all that is left is the cold.

So I put on my stongest sweater,

Singing what I have been told.

"Do not be afriad,

You are loved everyday.

So cry with a smile,

Put the hate away."

As I take my first step,

As the snow begans to fall.

I straighten my back,

Trying to act very tall.

The world opens it's amazing doors,

The shadows disappearing in the light.

My wings unfold with my heart,

I am ready to take my flight.

But before I fly to a new journey,

I want to be heard as I say.

Being sad and feeling lonley,

I will never feel that way.

The snow you left behind melts,

The flowers I planted began to grow.

Amazing vibrant colors surround me,

All the things I now know.

True colors form in the atmosphere,

There is a rainbow through all the rain.

I smile as I wipe my eyes,

I feel no sorrow or pain.

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