September 27, 2011
By FatherDagon GOLD, SpringHill, Tennessee
FatherDagon GOLD, SpringHill, Tennessee
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I'm not going to tell you how to live your life, but I am going to suggest how you should.

You seem to think I know everything,
That I have a better life than you do,
My hearts fills with pain,
When I realize I was just a tool,
A tool used to play your sick game,
A game that left a mental scar,
A game that took me to Hell and back,
The game that sent me straight to Tartarus,
I was left broken,
Madness consumed me,
Yet I did not go mad to were you could see it,
Madness was a place gifted to me,
Not an emotion,
I walked into the maddening place,
With a smile on my face,
Everyone I knew bid me a “How do you do?”
I’m still at this place,
Trapped because of your sick game,
But I’m enjoying my stay,
Will you not come join me?

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