Last Summer

September 16, 2011
By Lzrdo BRONZE, Lawrence, Massachusetts
Lzrdo BRONZE, Lawrence, Massachusetts
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I remember the last game I played. It was in the summer. The last summer that I was able to walk, the last summer that I would see you and the last time I would touch you. That moment brought me excitement, it brought me joy and it destroyed me. Seeing how you lied and followed the road that was left for you, seeing how you drowned in the sin, in the essence of evil. You were the one I trusted, a nightmare that I will never escape and a memory that will always be around me.
But now that I think about it you always showed me signs of who you were. You were an actor waiting for your award, for acting like you liked me. You defended me from the horrors of the world and you showed me the truth in all the misguided questions. People told me to watch out for you, not to trust you but I didn’t listen to them. I was already tangled and couldn’t escape your web. Your words became my eyes and my fears became your strengths. They became your energy, a battery you sucked dry when ever you needed it.

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