Haunted Reflection

September 16, 2011
By JuggaletteForLife BRONZE, Windsor Heights, Iowa
JuggaletteForLife BRONZE, Windsor Heights, Iowa
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"When your life feels lost, fight against all odds!" ~ Never Give In by Black Veil Brides

She walks to the sink,
Afraid to look up,
Knowing what she’ll see.
She knows the mirror is haunted,
Still owned by the previous viewer.
She’s seen his ghost before.
Sometimes, she even talks to him.
He tells her about his death,
About the struggle
He and his family went through.
He tells her what it sounded like,
All their valuables crashing around them
From the safety of their perches.
The broken shards
Of everything he ever worked for.
He told her of
The terrible, gut wrenching pain
They all endured.
Sliced to bits,
Skin nearly hanging in tatters,
Life draining slowly from them.
Then he tells her of
The nirvana of numbness,
The feeling of pure bliss.
Nothing but happiness,
Not emotional,
But physical.
Life gone,
Nothing left to feel.
She looks up,
Searches her reflection.
He’s there
Though he went through
So much,
He smiles.
His smile scares her
Because he looks
Just like he did
When he died.

The author's comments:
This piece is something I wrote for the Creative Writing class I'm currently taking, and I loved how it turned out.

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