Waiting for the end....

September 16, 2011
By Ayla Schmick SILVER, Sunnyside, Washington
Ayla Schmick SILVER, Sunnyside, Washington
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I am waiting for that right one
that magical, made for me one
that one that makes me
get jitters when he kisses my forehead
pop my foot every time we kiss
and long for him long after he leaves.

I am waiting for that moment
that walking down the isle moment
the moment with me in that dress
and him in the tux waiting at the end
vows read and rings exchanged
walking back down with a new name.

I am waiting for that scream
those high pitched, newborn screams
the screams that will make me
happy, relieved, and nervous for the next step
enjoyment and passion a mother has for her children
my children, my life, my love.

I am waiting for that end
happily ever after kind of end
the end with my family and friends
tears, smiles, laughter, all mesh together
memories and moments that last forever
my waiting has become a beautiful life
and the waiting, oh the waiting, has made it all worth while <3

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