Red Leaves

September 16, 2011

The leaves on the tress all used to be equal
They wore the same color
They all got along
But one by one they started to change
And the secrets they shouldn't have been sharing were set out on the breeze to all of the leaves
The whispers on the wind created chaos
Embaressment filled up so many leaves
Turning them red and hot
The red ones were weak and tired of crying
They were ripped from there homes and sent off to the world
Then there were the leaves still stuck on the tree
Spreading rumours
They thought their lives were perfect
They thought they were beautiful
But the leaves on the ground who fell from distress
Held the real beauty
And in the end
All of the leaves set out for the world
Blowing about in reds
Becoming equal

The author's comments:
Just something I came up with hope everyone likes it and it makes sense

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