September 29, 2011
By Darkest GOLD, Merrill, Wisconsin
Darkest GOLD, Merrill, Wisconsin
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Insisto Vestri Somnium Darling Quod Tacttus Astrum (Follow your dreams darling and touch the stars)

This feeling has been long suppressed
anger, and fear all locked away
I can feel the dark memories coming to life
I'm like a ticking time bomb
just waiting till the moments right
then everything's gone but a knife
and a blood stained note of an apology
I'm down on my knees
praying to a God I don't believe in
"Please help me!" I cry to him
I forgot the reason to live
the reason to stay here and breathe
sleeping is to painful for me
all those happy times
repeat over and over like a broken record
mocking me, taunting me,
telling me that it will never stay
that I'm doomed to be in a single grave
with my famliy crying my name
but it's done, and in my shame
he** is my home and depressed I will stay

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