A Smile So Bright

September 29, 2011
By Tiaaa BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
Tiaaa BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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Picture, picture on the wall
It’s Tia girl!
The prettiest one of them all.

What a smile?
Brighten someone’s day with that smile.

Bright as the sun
Not yellow, but white.

Pretty teeth—
All in place
It’s hard to find someone with teeth so great.

Picture, picture on the wall
Who’s pretty in that picture?
That’s Tia!
The one with the pretty smile.

Look so lovely
But that can fool you.

She has a mean attitude
Plus she’s very blunt.
Don’t get on her bad side
Don’t let her fool you—

That innocent face
Just from the smile—
That makes it just so great!

Picture, picture on the wall
Who’s the prettiest one of them all?

It’s so many things about this smile in this picture
Can’t you tell?

What a picture?
Pretty me describing it all.
Picture, picture on the wall.

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