September 29, 2011
By HEHATEME BRONZE, Plesent Hill, Missouri
HEHATEME BRONZE, Plesent Hill, Missouri
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only god can judge me-Tupac

25 on the ball, KC chiefs we never fall, find his jersey in the mall, 25 he go hard, wanna fight here we are,Kc chiefs we gonna scar, Send those broncos to the bar, We lighting up shooting star, Now we driving fancy cars, Hank Stram hes the man, went and got that super bowl ham, We from KC we dont gve a d***, its KC we all chiefs fans, Bar-be-que is so good, make you think your in the hood,winning games, you knew we would, going hard all day long, buiding up like king kong, once we score we sing that song, the game is over now we gone, see you next sunday at the break of dawn

The author's comments:
none of my poems are ment to be gramaticly correct

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