Magizine Poem

September 29, 2011
By Anonymous

-Frost says he like comedy romance

Even though he cheated on his girl

He wants to take her to France

Stevie says he like to skate

Even though he’s a vegetarian

He still eats cake

David Packouz likes to play with guns

But I bet if it was one in his face

I bet he would run

Simon and Garfunkel are good music artist

But since I’m an athlete

I can beat them in running the farthest

I want some New Strawberry

Remix Orbit gum

Put it in your mouth

You will taste a lot of fun

The Ford Fiesta is a good gas car

I need that so every night

I can go to the bar

This ia a magazine phrase poem

The Rolling Stone Magizine

After writin this I sure can use a

Mean Lean Cruzine!

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