Dear mother

September 29, 2011
By Samlu PLATINUM, MPLS, Minnesota
Samlu PLATINUM, MPLS, Minnesota
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close mouth don't get feed

dear mother don't cry me a river
stay frozen don't let the flames melt away on you
come bare with me down let the crowd of flames box you in
fight it
throw them combos you got ma
hit 'em with everything in your inventory
ma don't let 'em blind you from the brightness
fill the river with acid to keep the nightmares
ma hold your cub tight for all these nightmares are sweating him with torches and spears
dear mother don't cry me a river
smile the smile you have to let the sun know its time to come up and let the dark moon that shine light of fire to rest
dear mother here is a gift daggers from cub to you
use this dagger to lay fears and run down the bloody nightmares
dear mother happiness of joy from dimples around the corner
dear mother you still cry river of flood
i thought i said no rivers crying here
put them waterfalls back up stairs
dear mother look at the city of flood you cause
word to mother its dangerous
dear mother gun fire like laser beam
don't take over for I'm your vase
taking in every shot and spitting it back up like rotten food not sitting right
dear mother the ground shakes with thousand ghostly hollows walking
shivers from the ghostly talk about their abandon days

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