Theres Someone

September 29, 2011
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You breathe out a sigh of relief because you know the worst of the sorrow

Is over until tomorrow

His apologies are starting to mean less

And you still won’t confess

That you hate him, you hate his lies

You hate all the truth that he denies

Don’t listen to him, he has no excuse

To be showing you this kind of abuse

And one day, he will be hung from his own noose

Your happiness is replaced with pain

Your health is drained

Your confidence shamed

Your person is framed

But hold on to what you have, it’ll all be over in awhile

Even if all you have is your scarred and broken child

Just remember that when he hits and pulls your hair

That even though it may not be fair

There will always be someone who cares for you

There will always be someone who loves you

There will always be someone who wants to hug you

Just remember that when you start to feel numb

That you have a Hero

And one day, He will come

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