I am confident with who i am

September 29, 2011
By maya_marie BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
maya_marie BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
Only god can judge me
Im a strong black women

I think this poem will help you think more of yourself
I am a strong black young lady
I don't need any boy to support me
Because I'm independent
And can handle my own
I know I'm beautiful
Inside AND out
And people try to judge me
So I'm either ugly on the inside
Ugly on the outside
Or both
But because I have self-esteem,
I don't care what they think
Because I know what I know
And believe what I know
I have standards and morals
And no one can
Make me change or lower them
I have to progress
Not regress
I know who I am
And am confident with who I am
I won't change for anybody
I would
If I could
But I can't
So…I ain't
'Cause I am who I say I am
And will forever be that way
So if you can't accept me for me
Then you better get to steppin'
'Cause I'm not changin'
'Cause I'm a strong black young lady

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