High school life

September 29, 2011
By Anonymous

My pain is making it in the world finding a trustful girl ,my brother lock up an being in a different world. My life is a big circle like a mint with a swirl, alone in the world messed up when i heard my dad was touching girls.people think i got the best of both worlds ,but seem not to understand that i had to work hard in this world.to the point where i say I'm going to make it in school an whose cares about a girl I'm going to make it in the world because i have no other choice i have god on my side an church to rejoice people say I'm a kid but i got a big voice.I'm not go lie i hate fighting but if it get to the point I'm go strike like lighting .I got alto of heart that's why i choose to b a viking.an I'm done with this story it wasn't suppose to b exciting.

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my life

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