Forever Remembered

September 29, 2011
By Anonymous

I remember you,
I remember when I saw you standing there,
I know you saw me too.
Pretending we didn't see each other
because now I'm' too cool'.
A smile or a wave would have been fitting,
But I pretended not to be your friend.

I remember you,
In your camo shirt and beanie,
A voice that was drawn out, I still hear you.
Known for your stunning eyes,
Now piercing my soul through haunting memories.

I remember you,
Dreams as big as the sky,
Lost now because you decided to say goodbye.
The feeling of your presence surrounds the halls,
Just wishing I would have said hi.
But late is all it will ever be.

I Remember you,
It was the one thing I could have done,
And it slipped though my grasp,
We all gasped,
As you took your life that September,
Forever remembered.

The author's comments:
Dedicated to Travis (1994-2011)

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