September 28, 2011
Well I know your fondness of me
And I'm sad to say it's not too bright
But I'm sure that I can convice you
If I turn on that guiding light
And when you crawl beneath her wing
Make sure you know it carries no protection
Because when you stay along with her
You risk the chance of her infection

If I could only compare our hearts
I'll bet you will like mine much more
Her's a frosted solid glacier
And mine with more in store
So when you march along her side
You'll know she carries no protection
I'll bring the medicine for you
When you catch her corruptive infection

Now why can't you see my heart breaking
All the pieces falling down
You can't possibly be happy
When you have that lonesome frown
Why don't you just say goodbye
And hide under my protection
I will be there to cry
When you die of her love-born infection

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