September 23, 2011
By Anonymous

You want this.
Don’t let them see you struggle
They will tell you to stop
It’s never too much
Not for you
You’re special-you can do this
This is what you want.
You just have to want it badly enough
Be willing to struggle enough
Do what it takes
Drink coffee and pop pills
Finish your homework
Earn all A’s
Do what it takes
Fill your time with work instead of eating
Place seat covers in the toilet
So they don’t hear you purge
Say there is something wrong with your contacts
So no one will worry when your eyes are red
Raise your SATs 100 points
Then maybe you’ll get in
It will all be worth it
This is what you want
You will be accepted
You will be thin
You will be beautiful
You will be admired
This is what you want

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