Rest In Peace, My Dear Best Friend

September 13, 2011
By Ashley Swanchara BRONZE, Ovid, Michigan
Ashley Swanchara BRONZE, Ovid, Michigan
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Rest in peace my dear best friend.
For now you're gone, but I'll see you again.
I should've known you weren't happy inside,
But that smile you faked, it fooled us all when you lied.
When you took your own life, you took mine too.
It was over as I knew..I didn't know what to do.

I was lost and confused,
But I promised I'd never forget.
My friends think im crazy when I still talk to you,
But they'll never understaned,
They didn't lose a friend like you.

You're in a better place,
I know this is true.
But I often wonder, "What would Josh do?"
Since you can't talk back I can only assume,
You'd tell me to keep my head up..and I'll make it through.

I miss you a lot, but I'll see you again soon.
So until then, I'll keep talking to you.
Rest in peace my dear best friend,
I'm thinking of you.


The author's comments:
I lost one of my best friends. He decided that he was going to take his own life and nobody saw it coming. It was a tragedy that shook the town. R.I.P

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