A Painful Death

August 30, 2011
By seamebu BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
seamebu BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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No worries

Ear pitching screams,
Silent cries,
The way you think,
You cannot deny,
Your thoughts are evil,
You voice is deceiving,
Your eyes beg for help,
As if anyone is listening.
You whisper your feelings,
Like they will just vanish,
You speak without knowing it,
So the whole world knows you're mad.
You never took into consideration,
You might already be dead,
Though in a place like this,
You truly never know.
For everything you have ever learned,
Has deteriorated in front of you.

The author's comments:
This poem has a subliminal message and for those you don't really understand what it is then let me tell you. Hurting yourself and others doesn't help anything that you are going through. I have a lot of anger problems and it's hard to function when I get into that mode but I find ways to take care of it. There are ways to get better and that's the most important thing I think you should know when you're upset or really sad.

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