Hidden Portals MAG

September 29, 2011
By Audrey Madsen BRONZE, W. Jordan, Utah
Audrey Madsen BRONZE, W. Jordan, Utah
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I had to find the doorway that would lead me
Into the hidden magic realm I sought
Though four years old, no reason would dissuade me
Believing my resolve without a thought

My mind caught the idea in evening reading
When Mother drew me close to read aloud
A tale of when a wardrobe proved exceeding
And led four children to a winter shroud

Each page brought with it lions, witches warring
The children in the end were kings and queens
My eyes grew wide, imagination soaring
Envisioning myself within such scenes

She shut the book then left me to my playing
I did not play; a new desire swirled
And though I knew a wardrobe I was lacking
Somehow I'd find my portal to that world

I scampered through the house's every hallway
I rapped my fist against each cupboard's back
I scrutinized each cranny, nook, and doorway
I peered into the attic's gaping crack

I scooted under couches, beds, rooms' pockets
Found nothing and allowed my face to pout
I snuck inside my mother's dusty closet
Then found I could not get myself back out

All thoughts then fled of crowns and high adventure
Panic came and I began to squirm
Regretting I'd embarked on such a venture
I screamed and cried; the closet door stayed firm

The door was opened; Mother bent and held me
She asked me what had led me to this scene
My voice was choked; the answer formed within me
But all that I could say was, “Want … be … queen!”

The crisis over, I returned to longing
A hope not fully realized for five years
Until the day I found in Mom's belongings
The book whose words had once long graced my ears

But this time words weren't strangers to my learning
I read it for myself, awareness strong
In wonder, true epiphany came burning
I lived it all again where I belonged

This was my portal, lying there before me
There'd never been another from the start
My crown of knowledge paved the way before me
I entered through the book with eyes and heart

Oh, worlds unending soon I did discover
For every book a portal true is found
A journey starts when first I lift the cover
Soon, pen in hand, I'll see my own world crowned

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