A vision of my former self

September 24, 2011
By Christcw SILVER, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Christcw SILVER, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
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A day for a day, as time goes on,
I walk in and out of this room,
Wondering when it will end, if it ever will,
I see THEIR faces, they're talking about me,
I know they're talking, they're always talking,
If I could just have one day, one day to show them,
Well, they'd be showed all right,
Right into the concrete wall,
It has been too long, I'm done waiting,
Chairs are knocked over, everyone panics,
That's right, screem, and RUN like the little baby YOU thought I WAS,
You wanted to know me,
Okay, I'll show you a side of exactly what I was hiding from the world,
So the next day, I walk in that room,
Silence hangs over everyone, they all turn towards me,
And I can Rightly say,
They don't belong here,
But not just in this place,
In the world, in my life,
And as I take a seat,
All THEY see, is not me...

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