I am me

September 23, 2011
By XlovelySerenityX GOLD, Pannama City, Florida
XlovelySerenityX GOLD, Pannama City, Florida
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"Theres nothing to fear but fear itself."

I have nothing to be

Your killing me

I don't belong
i don't fit in
I don't care if i am here
just wait till i break free
I wont be sad
I have a road ahead of me

I may never fit in

May never find a prefect friend

But i wont be there

I wont feel like I'm suffocating
I'm dieing now
I feel it with every breathe i take
You were always beating me
happy with my pain
Breathing is hard

I cant take your insanity

You can throw me away that's OK

I'm fine on my own

I don't you
or anyone else
I learned my way by fighting with you
Its surprising i even know how to love
I cant help but drown in your hypocrisy

I may me be damaged but i can still stand tall

I will fall but with out you i can make it

I can take it

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