Hate and I

September 23, 2011
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What kind?
“…a good something…”
I think I hate that.

Laughs. “What don’t you hate?”
“That’s the first.”

“Everyone seems to hate themselves.”
“Because they blame themselves.”
For what?

You can’t blame it on someone else.
“But you can’t hurt yourself with blame.”
I don’t understand.

“You're human.”
I am. So?
“You make mistakes. You hurt.”
Sometimes because of you.

Nodding. “You love.”
I think I hate that.
No laugh. “I think I hate that too.”
Why are you telling me this?

“Because love hurts.”
I know that.

“Don’t do it.”
Don’t do…what?
“Don’t lose yourself.”
You can’t tell me what to do.

“I can do terrible things.”
You already did.
“And I still do.”
I don’t care.

“Where you going?”
“I warned you.”
I don’t need your warning.

“You can’t do this.”
Why are you warning me? You’re…you.

“Because I don’t like myself.”
That isn’t the first.
“No. It isn’t.”
What should I do?

“Don’t ask me.”
But I’m just so angry.
“I know but…don’t be my friend.”
I think it’s too late.

“I think I hate that.”

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