unexplainabel things

September 12, 2011
By MugginsSachett GOLD, Wasilla, Alaska
MugginsSachett GOLD, Wasilla, Alaska
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everything's turning upside down and inside out spilling blood and guts on the ceiling because the floor is where the roof should be but because we're still right side up on the floor but we're upside down in the world means that everything is falling up and staining our faces with the broken souls' screams of sorrow of which we cannot hear no matter how hard we try, the lies and laughter have caught a hold of the things that we cannot see anymore, the broken dreams and shattered memories. a fallen angel can no longer fly but must make his home on earth, or in hell. his fate cannot be foretold but his trust can be worth a thousand words. the fallen may make your life right side up and outside in again when the full love and trust is won and kept and true, his ways are strange and his movement is slow, walking is hard to learn when your wings are stripped off your body. a horse has no purpose in life when locked up in a corral they cannot run in, there fore they find the wings that were stripped off the fallen angel and learn how to fly away, for if they were in a corral that they can only run in circles then what is the point of straight legs and a straight body when the horse is always falling down onto their side because the pin is so small that they do nothing mut trip on their elongated feet over and over again? broken dreams and shattered memories are all collected in a land in the back of the box with every broken soul and with every halved heart. the pain will never leave your body you can cover it up with glue and paper, you can scream to all the planets but it will never truly be gone, love is dumb for a perfect life and hate is the recipe for disaster according to every broken soul. the suicide cannot be hated but they need the love that nobody can give. independent need the hate and the power to keep their lives going, you do not see a single person without every feeling. every child knows more then they admit to and a baby's connection to the paranormal is genuinely secret. every blue moon there is one star missing, there will be two moons on earth, the one that shines and the one that brings the dark. the sun is afraid of the dark. but the dark moon is the light moons twin, they are always together, so the sun hides under my bed when the moons are out. when the stars hide you know the sun is coming, he has beaten up every littler one around him.
so many things are unexplainable, but making your own observations and making your own explinations make it better to explain to others, i cannot change your religious views, i cannot change the way you see things or how you feel, because i am meerly a person that is saying what i feel. but i do know that i can change the way you think about me, and i can control the way i talk to you. but there wont ever be a day that i will hate you without a good explainable reason....

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