Words Are

September 12, 2011
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Words are powerful, words are meaningless, words have humor, words have intent, words are cheerful, words are harmful, words are dangerous like a snake or sword, words are encouraging like a friend or rainbow, words are nothing, words are everything, words mean anything, words mean something, words can be put to describe something, words can’t describe anything, words are great heroes, words are evil villains, words are forgotten, words are remembered, words are in our hearts, words aren’t in our souls, words come to us, words are at loss, words can make a heartbreak, words can mend a soul, words can show vengeance, words can show kindness, words are love, words are hate, words are in you, words escape you, words are helpful, words are inconvenient, words are good, words are bad, words are convincing, words are deceitful, words are positive, words are negative… Words… Are words they are what make us individual, unique, and human. For they are a great wit and blessing. Words are ours to keep, hold, and cherish; so next time you speak chose wisely and be wiser than needed to be for a simple word can all it takes to change things.

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