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Don't You See?

September 12, 2011
By BiabuTyke PLATINUM, Broomfield, Colorado
BiabuTyke PLATINUM, Broomfield, Colorado
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Even when I confess something and try not to feel humiliated by my choice; I am, when I promise myself I won’t cry; I do, when I tell myself I can’t do it; I actually do it, even when I don’t feel I’m strong; I am, when I promise myself I won’t try; I do, when I tell myself that I’m not good enough; I am, when I say I’m in fear or pain; I’m not, when I smile and say, “I’m fine.”; I’m not, even when I’m tough; I’m a sweetheart, even when I have my life; I take care of others, even when I want to live; I wana die, when I wana laugh; I have a joke, when friends are around me; I have support, when I go somewhere; I know I am safe, when I need a hero; I look to my best of all best friends in the whole world, when I need advice; I have it when I need it, when there are questions; I go to the person who has all the answers, when I have no hope; my hero backs it up with the act of love, when I have no faith in myself; people tell me that I beat them in responsibility, when I feel I have no respect; I turn to my music, when I get something off my chest; I write it out. And people may think what they want to about me, but that won’t change who I am or what I do. For I have friends and a hero and things people wish they had, and are jealous of. So therefore we should take things and realize what we have when we have it in front of us, for we can be humiliated, but not ashamed in life, because, well we are who we are in this life, and well life is only temporary.

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