If, Only If

September 11, 2011
By BiabuTyke PLATINUM, Broomfield, Colorado
BiabuTyke PLATINUM, Broomfield, Colorado
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"You'll find the right guy someday. One day he'll come along, sweep you off your feet and you'll be fine." -Noah D.

If I could be doing anything today, I would be wrapping my arms around you, holding you close, and never to let go. My head isn't focusing on the work I supposed to be doing, instead it's on you. I hate having to shake this feeling of losing you for just the day, but why can't I speak out? When I see you smile right now from across the room, I'd like to take you away from this place, just to never stop listening to you. As you're always beautiful. My heart is racing, while my mind can't think. If only this torture would end. Writing on my science paper hearts with our initials... although I'll get yelled at, I don't care because you're worth it babe. Not paying attention to anyone or anything but you. My mind is set on watching you sitting across the room. I would go on all day if these teachers didn't have a say. Today would be the day that I would hold you in my arms and never let you go. For don't you try to leave and if you did I would always say no. Writing this down so I can give it to you; but I think you already knew these last three words that sum it all up: I love you.

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