What Once Was Lost

September 11, 2011
Charred and shattered
Chaos reigned here
Unchecked, unchallenged
Panic was his son
Terror his daughter
Succumb, they cried
Courage was his downfall
Honor his stumbling-block
Be free, they called
Be free
But the people failed to hear
And turned once more to Chaos
Old enemy
And feared
Valor tried to reason
Justice plead her case
But the spiral ever deepened
Until all were lost
But one
Truth came upon this shadowed world
And stood upon the heights
And shouted to the people
And drew them toward the light
Open your eyes, she begged
Open them wide
The people obeyed her one request
And saw
Chaos for what he was
And cast him out
Begone, they said
They saw when he had left
What once was lost
What once was theirs
Could be regained
At last

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