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September 11, 2011
By JordanDeBerry BRONZE, Chapin, South Carolina
JordanDeBerry BRONZE, Chapin, South Carolina
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If life gives u lemons, keep them i mean hey free lemons

Bad things happen to the good; good things to the bad, We never saw it coming, though we wish we had, On 9/11 no one new what was going on, It was like the ending to a very sad song, It just happened to come straight out of the blue, We never saw it coming or if anyone here had a clue, But well always miss those who died and gave there lives, for those of us who are still here are going to win this fight, Over throw terism because its our god given right, We will soon rebuild what was lost on this horrific day, because of those in the middle east, you no who you are, are a bunch of relentless beast

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God bless you new york

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