When the Fruit Sours

September 23, 2011
By SaltwaterRoom PLATINUM, Scottsdale, Arizona
SaltwaterRoom PLATINUM, Scottsdale, Arizona
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I’m not sure why I feel it
It should not still be there
Why is this all lingering?
This just seems so unfair
The cut was so deep
An everlasting scar
I’m not sure how to move onward
Even though we’ve come so far
What is it I need?
It seems a constant reassure
Please extinguish the past
Please make it a blur
Your words may be soothing
So gentle and kind
But the thought of the past
Still stays in my mind
It’s just certain words
Waiting to be said
Why can’t you just say them?
The way they play out in my head
I know no one’s perfect
It’s needless to say
But it seems no reassurance
Satisfies me the right way
It just doesn’t sit right
Your allegiance I still ponder
I fear for the day
Where your heart may want to wander
Curiosity over powers
And doubt may over come
What do you do when the apple sours?
You throw it out because you’re done
So please don’t expect the capacity
The fulfillment of my trust
I cannot give it all to you
In fear you will break it out of lust

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