September 23, 2011
By James99 SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
James99 SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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"its like a platter of jello with timey wimey wibbly wobbly... im getting off track"-the Doctor

I can qualify as strange
But to others I am completely normal
The same is for others
Church goers, atheists, all the military groups in the world
We are just people, yet something more
We think of ourselves as more
But we know we are still people
Can we do what we want?
some will shame us
But we have experienced this
And fought it then won
But it comes back to haunt us
That we know we are different
I cant speak for all
But in the same way I am
Im sure everyone thinks the same
But find out they aren’t alone
I found that out,
But it took 14 years
To know I am not alone.

The author's comments:
Just my thoughts...

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