A Cry For Help

September 22, 2011
I sit on the dirty ground staring at the sky with tears filling my eyes.

I start to cry because almost everyone that I love a lot is dying.

I finally see something forming in the sky.

I figure out that it was a man.

He says,” A cry for help” and then he dissapeared into thin air.

I then try to figure out what that meant, but I just couldn’t get what he said.

I sit there thinking.

Then it finally hit me,” A cry for help” meant I should go to someone and ask them how do I deal with this?

I finally stand up then just walk down the road and I start to cry again, but this time it really was,”a cry for help.”

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t91641 said...
Oct. 8, 2011 at 11:26 am
wow this was the only thing i wrote about my late great grandfather he just died a week ago [>(                                                          [>(
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