September 26, 2011
By zack1069 GOLD, Loveland, Ohio
zack1069 GOLD, Loveland, Ohio
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And once I tumbled in a cloud,
And I collided into droplets sewn from myself,
And I became infinite; and yet I was not but mist!
And graying with the dull light of dawn.

And once I grew heavy and full,
But full of what I did know.
But I broke my confines and fell,
I fell and fell and fell
Into the stormy sea

And it was here I made my darkest discoveries,
And was swallowed whole by madness.
And yet I suppose it is inevitable
those poor, poor raindrops
That never find the sea;
That never lose themselves in madness.

And I was dancing with the starfish
And the great blue whale,
When the sun grew hot on my back.
And of course, I was never destined for madness!
I laughed and kicked my little raindrop feet
As I floated high, high above the sea
Full of whale and starfish tears

And I made it to the peak of the cold, snowy mountain
And I knew I was meant to rule the world
From the apex of the universe.
How unhappy I had been in the dark cloud!

And yet, the top of the world is awfully cold
And the sea and the sun are tightly embracing
And now that I squint, I can see my old friends,
The whale and the starfish,
Smiling brightly in the tossing waves.

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pepe said...
on Nov. 8 2011 at 2:56 pm
I love your juicey words

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